Gamecock Media Group today announced a distribution agreement with THQ, giving them exclusive rights to license, market and distribute Gamecock Media Group titles across Australia and New Zealand for 2008.

The agreement represents a significant step in the distribution of Gamecock Media Group titles and offers a range of titles with strong appeal for both casual and hardcore gamers across all major gaming platforms.

Based in Austin, Texas, Gamecock Media Group was founded by Mike Wilson, Harry Miller and Rick Stults who previously made their mark on the video game industry at the helm of Gathering of Developers.

“We’re delighted to have signed this agreement with THQ and to be able to offer our indie games to an ever wider audience”, said Harry Miller, ‘El Presidente’, Gamecock Media Group. “By partnering with THQ in Australia we have another chance to ensure that gamers across the world can play games made by great independent developers. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Australia, especially the indigenous species found there. I wanted to breed kangaroos, but my wife wouldn’t let me”.

“We are excited to be working with Gamecock Media Group”, Martin Good, Senior Vice President - THQ Asia Pacific/Japan. “With exciting games like Velvet Assassin, Hail to the Chimp and Mushroom Men scheduled for this year, THQ are looking forward to bringing Gamecock titles to gamers across Australia and New Zealand. It’s all about providing great gaming experiences to the market. We believe these do just that”