Activate 2008 began this morning at a hotel in central Auckland, as a Powhiri welcomed media, retail and PR representatives from around the Asia Pacific area to New Zealand.

Activate is Activision Blizzard's annual regional promotional show, and 2008 marks the first year it has been held in New Zealand.

Many Activision Blizzard representatives will be on-hand at the three day event to promote games such as Call of Duty World At War, Guitar Hero World Tour and their new intellectual property Fracture. The event is tailored towards Activision's line-up, as Blizzard's annual event Blizzcon is a little over a month away.

This morning saw one of the first demonstrations for Call of Duty World At War shown in New Zealand, along with the news that the title will be on shelves by November 12th. Unfortunately Activate is not open to the public, however we have been promised hands-on time with this and many other Activision games over the next two days, so we'll be bringing you our impressions when that occurs.