Capcom Entertainment has released two gameplay trailers from PSN's 1942: Joint Strike, a remake of the classic original top-down shooter 1942 which Gameplanet's editor is certainly not old enough to remember playing on a Commodore 64.

1942: Joint Strike takes inspiration and influence from the ‘80s 194X’s series of Capcom vertical arcade shooters. The art, sound and gameplay give the player hints of the 194X series, but will standout as it’s own unique entry. Gameplay will essentially be 2D, but the game will utilize a fully 3D engine.

The game takes place during a seemingly WWII like era. Locales, vehicles and weapons have the look and feel of WWII with some stylistic differences. The world in which 1942: Joint Strike takes place is not our own and the events that transpire are not historically accurate nor are they intended to be. This is a world alternate to ours where history and technology developed along its own path.

1942: Joint Strike will be released to the PlayStation Network towards the end of July.

Grab the trailers from GP Downloads - we've included five screenshots released last week below as well.

Trailer #1 (29MB)
Trailer #2 (31MB)