Gameplanet has learned that the iPhone 3G, Apple's portable video game device with additional mobile telephone capabilities, will be released on Friday July 11th at 00:01 in New Zealand, ahead of anywhere else in the world.

The iPhone 3G will have extremely limited stock, and in order to cater to the most hard-core iPhone fans there will be three Vodafone stores open at midnight. Those wishing to secure an iPhone 3G at launch will need to queue outside Vodafone stores in central Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Rumour has it, Vodafone expect the 3G iPhone to sell out at some stage on the 11th, and people are already talking about queuing up. Vodafone is bound to put on entertainment for the masses while you wait in the queue for the world’s first iPhone 3G.

Expect to see TV cameras and media interest from all over the world, so if you've ever wanted a bit of fame you might want to pick up a deck chair and a good book and head out to the pavement now.