Those nice people over at the New Zealand Film Festival have alerted us to a movie featuring the original Donkey Kong, albeit with a twist.

Called "The King of Kong", it will be played at the Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch Film Festivals.

"This supremely crowd-pleasing doco has had audiences erupting in cheers. But let‘s get one thing out of the way first: this look at rival video gamers is not about video games. It‘s possibly the ultimate depiction of good versus evil committed to film. On the side of good, we have mild-mannered and handsome family man Steve Wiebe, who has had his share of woe. On the side of evil is arrogant Billy Mitchell: hot sauce impresario, patriot and reigning world champ (since 1982) of the game Donkey Kong. Mitchell‘s empire is rocked when the loveable Wiebe submits a video of himself breaking the record. In a series of unbelievable (but true) twists and turns, The King of Kong transcends its pop culture origins and becomes a real life Shakespearean drama. Do not miss this hilarious tale of life‘s nicest man versus the egomaniacal might of a sleazy supergamer who will stop at nothing to remain on top. – Ant Timpson"

You can check out more information, including screening times at the following links: