nVidia has generally confused performance enthusiasts for the past year or so with some absolutely crazy nomenclature with their G80 and G92 chipsets, so in an effort to tidy this up, they're set to release the GeForce GTX 200 series later this month. Think of it as moving the "GTX" to the front, dropping the last digit off the series, and starting from "2". Well, I'm pleased they cleared that up.

First out of the gate are the GTX 280, and its little brother the GTX 260. nVidia have showcased these cards at the Computex 2008 convention currently in progress, along with the traditional marketing hype, and the hardware enthusiast website VR-Zone.com is on-site with some pictures and screenshots. You can view a summary of these here.

Essentially, the GTX 280 reference card will ship with 1GB DDR-3 memory, a 512-bit interface, 602Mhz core and 1107Mhz memory clocks, as well as 240 unified shaders, which really makes it the equivalent of a pair of 8800GT 512 cards, along with support for nVidia's technologies CUDA, PhysX and an upgraded version of PurevideoHD.

What's also interesting is the price:

"GeForce GTX 280 will be sold for (US)$649 while GeForce GTX 260 will be sold for (US)$449 at the time when they are launched on June 17th. Also we got to know that the price to AIC partners is (US)$485 and (US)$325 for GTX 280 and 260 respectively so there is a tidy sum to be made by their partners."

So we could expect to see some very cheap high-performance offerings from nVidia shortly. We'll keep you updated, and we'll definitely be doing a follow-up Lab Test just as soon as the hardware becomes available.