The Adventure Company, Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive have announced the release of the first playable demo for the new horror-adventure title - Dracula: Origin.

In the demo, you will be drawn into the first pages of an enthralling story, unwind the first knots of an evil plan and immerse yourself in the disquieting and bewitching atmosphere surrounding the Prince of Darkness.

In Dracula: Origin, you play as Professor Van Helsing, the famed vampire-hunter. After receiving a mysterious and disturbing letter, you'll set off in pursuit of Dracula. Once you have ensured the safety of the beautiful Mina, whom the Prince of Darkness has set his heart on, it won't be long before you are retracing the vampire's steps to the heart of London, where he is beginning to unveil his nefarious plot. First you walk to the cemetery adjacent to his dwelling as night begins to fall, and a number of captivating mysteries come between you and your prey… but who's really the prey and who's the hunter?

Grab the demo from GP Downloads here (607MB), or you can check out the official site first.