Last night Sony invited us and various other industry people out of our living rooms and into theirs. Let me just say if that is what their living room is like, if they ever need a new flatmate I hope they will consider me! I'd love to see what the rest of their place looks like.

They had a pretty impressive line up of lights, food, drinks, a few characters, hot promotion girls and a great line up of games. We're talking things like Buzz, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm 2, Haze just to name a few. And the party really got into gear once they cranked up Sing Star.

To make a short comment on some of the stand out games, Little Big Planet is just pure cuteness. Creating an adorable little character to play with is quick and easy. Running through the levels with four friends both working together and trying to beat each other is a lot of fun. I imagine this being a great game to try and use to get your girlfriend into gaming because it's simple, colourful and cute. I didn't play around with the level editing that much but if it's anything like dressing up your Sackboy then it's pretty easy and fun, although I'd imagine far more time consuming for more detailed levels.

Metal Gear Solid 4 I unfortunately did not get a turn to play but watched a few people have a go. It looks incredible. The gameplay looks to be considerably deeper than that of previous MGS games which is saying a lot. I can also confirm that the rumoured 90 minutes worth of cutscenes is true! But on the plus side, you can both pause and skip them so popcorn making and bathroom breaks won't be a problem.

Killzone 2 I got quite a bit of hands-on time with. They had about a 10 minute long demo level which I played through quite a few times. For a game that is only coming out in February '09 it simply looks gorgeous and very polished at this stage. We will have a short preview for this game shortly.

Haze had its fair share of people hovering around it eager to have their goes. We'll have a review up with our opinions. Buzz and Motorstorm 2 also were constantly busy. In fact no game at the event was ever un-played for more than a minute.

It's safe to say a fun night was had by all and thanks go to Sony for inviting us. Judging from what I saw last night it would appear Sony has a strong line-up coming up for 2008 and a good start to 2009 with Killzone 2 leading the charge.