Announced today for the Xbox 360 and PC, Venetica is under development by Deck13 and published by DTP Entertainment. Don't panic if you haven't heard of them.

"The story of Venetica takes place in a sixteenth century styled world where Death is a physical being. Death follows the instructions of a group known as Corpus. Every generation, Corpus must select the predecessor for Death. In the game's story, the council has accidentally chosen a necromancer who intends to bring complete death and destruction upon the world. This necromancer has immortalized himself through death. The current Death and Corpus cannot stop him - the only person capable of stopping him is Scarlett, who is the daughter of Death. She must cultivate and grow her powers to save her father and the world from the necromancer."

Sounds.. interesting. Check out the video below, or have a look at the official site and decide for yourself if this will be a big title for 2009.

HD version.