Greenpeace has posted a curious article on their website regarding the level of toxins contained in the manufacture of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

The report makes for a chilling, and largely boring read. We do learn however that the "XBox 360 and PS3 contained very high levels of two phthalates not permitted in components of toys or childcare articles sold in the EU", but fortunately before we contacted our local MP, we read further to discover "game consoles are not currently defined as toys under EU regulations". Phew.

The report concludes with the statement: "The manufacturers of the products studied in this investigation will clearly have to make further significant improvements if they are to meet their current pledges on specific hazardous chemicals and materials (where these have been made) and to make the necessary changes that will ultimately see all hazardous substances ‘designed-out’ of their full product ranges."

In the meantime, Gameplanet strongly suggests you refrain from eating your console until further expensive research can be done.