Guinness World Records have announced the "Frag Dolls" Guinness World Record achievement for the ‘Longest continuous play of a single FPS’, playing for over 24 hours on March 22. The video evidence has been reviewed and Guinness have confirmed their Guinness World Records status.

Ubisoft’s "Frag Dolls" Kitt, Sarin and Jam defied terrorist threat and the evils of Alvarez Cabrero for over 24 hours playing Ubisoft’s latest hit video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 while gaming fans kept them on their toes through Xbox Live during the arduous feat.

Kitt said of her success: "I can't believe I'm a world record breaker! I'm brimming with pride that we've achieved this. I'd like to thank everyone who supported us, playing with us on Live and donating to Breakthrough Breast Cancer."

A video feature tracing the record attempt from start to finish is available here.