Ubisoft have released two new trailers showcasing the soon-to-be released Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The Reload Cancel footage shows some fairly fast-paced indoor action, interestingly enough with your team entirely absent.

The second video deals with the A.C.E.S. reward system. We discussed this in our preview - the "Advanced Combat Enhancement Specialization" is a loyalty program granted for tactical abilities, based on close-quarter, assault, and marksmanship. In this demonstration, you can clearly see the types of shots you'll need to pull off in order to gain enhancements throughout the game. There's "kill a sprinter", "kill opponent using a rope" and "headshot", as part of the marksmanship abilities, "kill an opponent from behind", "kill a visually impaired opponent" and "kill at short range" for close-quarter, and finally "kill using C4", "kill a shielded opponent" and "kill through cover" which make up the assault challenges. Phew!

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is officially released tomorrow, 20th March in New Zealand. We've already received a copy, so we'll be publishing a full review shortly!

Reload Cancel

A.C.E.S. Demonstration