Codemasters has announced that it is launching a unique online viral campaign for the European release of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Tapping into the global social networking phenomenon, Codemasters has created a Facebook profile for Mario Contasino, the man who inspired the events of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Those who add Mario Contasino as a friend on their Facebook profile will automatically be entered into a competition to win a PlayStation 3 and a copy of the game.

Mario Contasino was the taxi driver who accidentally knocked down Winston Churchill in 1931 when the future prime minister looked the wrong way whilst crossing a busy New York City street. Churchill made a full recovery following the accident, but the premise of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty revolves around what might have happened had Churchill died as a result of his injuries.

Without a strong leader to rally behind, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty suggests that the Allied forces succumb to the Nazi war machine, with Britain surrendering to Nazi occupation. In the alternative history first-person shooter, gamers take on the role of everyman Dan Carson, a New York City construction worker finds himself fighting alongside the resistance when the Nazis launch a full-scale invasion of America in 1953.

To honour how Mario Contasino’s historic events inspired the video game, Codemasters recently launched a search to track down his descendents. As a result of the global search, it was discovered that he enlisted for service during World War II, but sadly passed away on January 17, 1989.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be released in New Zealand very shortly for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.