A raid undertaken to investigate a man operating an illegal business selling Sony PSP SD memory cards and chipping offences resulted in the discovery of over £12,000 (NZ$30,600) in cash stuffed into a single original Microsoft Xbox console and three Playstation 2 consoles.

Following the raid at a man’s house in Tower Hamlets, UK on Monday 14th January the incredible discovery only came about when the consoles, seized by Tower Hamlets Trading Standards investigators and officers from the Metropolitan Police, were handed over to ELSPA (the Entertainment & Leisure Software Publishers Association) IP Crime Unit investigators.

Following standard protocol, the ELSPA investigators began removing the casing of each of the four consoles with the intention of checking for evidence of circumvention devices (chips) and tampered hard drives when they discovered several plastic bank bags – each containing thousands of pounds sterling in note form.

The Xbox contained £5,925 where the hard drive should have been and the three PlayStation2s each volunteered £2,835 £2,025, and £1,425 respectively, making a grand total of £12,210 recovered.

Cash discovery aside, the man had been selling PSP games on SD memory cards (he was caught in possession of an estimated 75) and providing an Xbox and PlayStation 2 chipping service. Consequently, an investigation has already started to estimate the criminal gain from his illegal activities.