THQ today announced amid fiscal results that they would no longer be pursuing Frontlines: Fuel Of War for a Playstation 3 release. Also axed include the Playstation 2 release of Destroy All Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed, and the intellectual property behind the Juiced and Stuntman franchises previously acquired from Acclaim and Atari, respectively. (THQ is still expected to release Frontlines on the Xbox 360 and PC, and Big Willy Unleashed is still coming to the Wii and the PlayStation Portable.)

The publisher expects to take a US$27m hit to their bottom line, and has also signalled the closure of its Concrete Games studio, which had been working on two unannounced titles due for release in 2010. Some employees from the studio will be offered positions elsewhere within THQ, according to the publisher.

"In October, we announced certain product-quality initiatives, including personnel and structural changes in product development and a more rigorous internal and external product evaluation and feedback process," THQ CEO and president Brian Farrell said in a statement. "Consistent with these initiatives, we have taken actions to strengthen our pipeline and position ourselves to compete aggressively with compelling, high-quality games."

THQ also plans to defer $10 million in revenues "due to the significant online-play component" of the PC edition of Frontlines: Fuel of War. THQ also intends to report an extra $20 million in expenses due to poor sales from Stuntman: Ignition, Ratatouille, and Conan.