Trackmania publisher Ascaron Entertainment has revealed details about Nadeo's upcoming PC casual racing game, TrackMania United. The game is set for release in Q1 2007.

Ascaron says United revolutionises the series with its new connected functionality. When equipped with an Internet connection, players can directly exchange all their creations through the game, its interface and its closed Internet network. Each player can have, much as MySpace, a true online personal space, accessible by entering an address in the game browser or by referencing Manialinks (Game interface where a selection of gamer pages are referenced and which are accessible in the game). In this personal space, the player can offer his circuits, vehicles, skins, videos and any other creations for Coppers™, the game’s monetary unit.


'Coppers' are used for exchanges made directly through the game and its closed Internet network. The players can, for example, earn coppers by unlocking single player medals or by exchanging their creations.

With the online functionalities, the official mode will increase the interest of single player mode by allowing each player to earn coppers for establishing his best time for any of the single-player campaign circuits. Each player, depending on his level, will appear in the rankings of his region, country or simply a group of friends he has created or joined.


To progress, the player will have, for any circuit, the freedom to download and play against one or more ghosts (another player’s replay) of players who appear in the different official mode rankings.

TrackMania United is above all a new way to offer players a game that evolves by using efficient creation tools and a resource sharing system.