Korea has won the Grand Champion title for the World Cyber Games 2006 this week. Russia took second place in the medal tally with one gold and one silver, while Germany placed third with one gold and one bronze medal. Canada, China, Poland and USA each won one gold medal.

Wesley "TTR Ch0mpr" Cwiklo was crowned WCG 2006 Project Gotham Racing 3 champion after an undefeated streak in Monza. At 17, Wesley is the youngest member of Team USA and the sole medal winner for this United States at this year's competition.

Wesley's final opponent was also his teammate and friend, Christopher Hogfeldt of Sweden. Both players are members of TTR, a team of Project Gotham Racing players who have banded together on an international level to challenge themselves as the best players across the globe. The TTR team featured six of the eight top finishers in this year's tournament.

Billy Son, captain of Team Korea, said, “We haven’t been crowned Grand Champions since 2002. This year, we came to Monza to reclaim that title. The Korean players proved they are the best.” Yeon Sung Choi, best known by his gamer tag “IloveOov”, won the final match of StarCraft: Brood War, against another member of his team, Sungjun Park.

Additional gold medals went to the winners in the following categories: Xiao Fen Li of China, known as “SKYCN”, for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne; the Polish Team Pentagram for Half Life: Counter Strike; and German Daniel Schellhase for FIFA 06.

The closing ceremony capped off this year’s festivities, including the award presentations to the medallists, a concert by popular Italian bands and a farewell party for players. Magda Gomez hosted the closing ceremony and total of almost US$500,000 were awarded to the medallists in 11 games including eight official games, one special tournament and two invitational tournaments. At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the WCG flag was handed over to Ralph Morton, Executive Director of Seattle Sports Commission, which will host the WCG Grand Final next year.