It was a wake-up call for sleeping giants Parallax on Sunday when a Counter-Strike team that wasn't even elligible for the World Cyber Games destroyed its cafe mates 16-4 in the double elimination semifinals of the WCGNZ National Preliminary Final event.

"I've never been so depressed after a match," said Px' Simcore. "Getting smashed by Elusory 16-4 definitely wasn't easy to deal with, and then moving onto cbble against a team full of great players like POW didn't make it any easier."

The one-sided thrashing was followed by one of the closest semifinals ever, as Parallax halted the bull run of POW to secure their spot in the Xtra e-Blacks for the Grand Final in Singapore. Then, with one more chance to prove their worth, Px finally woke up and matched it with Chinese citizens Elusory, who had two lives in the final.

"Elusory are such an amazing team, and while the final scores were in our favour, it doesn't display the huge skill and teamwork that they displayed," continued Simcore, adding that "it seemed that for the first time in weeks, the luck was going our way in some tight rounds."

New Zealand's WCG qualifying programme has exclusively used Source for its Counter-Strike competitions in 2005. New Zealand also uses the Shuttle XPC official game computer of the 2005 Grand Final, with 50 units for sale to members of the public including the limited edition WCG case alone or in a range of bundles. For more information visit

Replay files of the National Preliminary Final will be available soon.