ArenaNet, creators of the highly anticipated online role-playing game Guild Wars, and publisher NCsoft Corporation Guild Wars are making a special Collector's Edition available across Europe.

In addition to the game itself, the Guild Wars Collectors Edition will contain a full-colour art book, the official music sound track, a Logitech headset, three months' free subscription to the Speakeasy: Teamspeak service and an exclusive in-game item, the Divine Aura.

"Many dedicated players are looking forward to Guild Wars' exciting release," says Max Brown, Sales and Operations Director, NCsoft Europe. "Our Collector's Edition offers players not only a way to more fully immerse themselves in the world of Guild Wars, but also to receive a one-off in-game item that will not be available anywhere else."

According to EB Games, Guild Wars is one of the best-selling preorder PC games year-to-date in North America. More than 500,000 players have participated in public preview events in the US and Europe. In Korea, Guild Wars was named the number one most anticipated game of 2005 by The Electronic Times.

Guild Wars is a online role-playing game that rewards player skill. Players explore a rich fantasy game world, acquire skills, build personalised characters and compete in head-to-head guild battles with friends around the world. It is the first title from ArenaNet, which was founded by key members of the creative teams behind the hit games Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo, and the creators of

ArenaNet has created a unique, global game world that invites players from around the world to play together seamlessly. There are no sharded servers, no language-specific versions of the game and nothing to keep players from exploring the game world with friends from other countries.

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