The World Cyber Games closing ceremony was held yesterday in San Francisco, and the New Zealand team will be flying back into Auckland airport tonight.

In medal tallies, the Netherlands took home top honors, with competitors from the country scoring the gold medals for WarCraft III: Frozen Throne and Unreal Tournament 2004, as well as the gold and bronze medals for Project Gotham Racing 2. The Netherlands' flag was raised at the closing ceremony and the team were awarded a special trophy.

Following close behind, South Korea took two golds (for FIFA Soccer 2004 and StarCraft: Brood War), two silvers and a bronze. The USA took home the gold for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the gold and bronze for Halo.

Medal winners in each event also won cash prizes, and the fourth place through eighth place finishers were given prizes.

The New Zealand team was not able to score any medals at this year's event, but Gameplanet will once again be organising the New Zealand Preliminary for the World Cyber Games next year, with the 2005 Grand Final to be held in Singapore.

Here are this year's medal winners in each event:

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
1. Team3D (USA)
2. Titans (Denmark)
3. MaveN (Korea)

Unreal Tournament 2004
1. fnatic_Lauke (Netherlands)
2. mouzAOpen_Burnie (Germany)
3. Chip_masK[GSC] (Ukraine)

WarCraft III: Frozen Throne
1. [4K]Grubby (Netherlands)
2. WelComeTo (Korea)
3. yoanm (France)

Halo (Xbox)
1. Zyos (USA)
2. Junior_ca (Canada)
3. Walshy (USA)

Need For Speed: Underground
1. [pG]Sliver (Germany)
2. LordOfGround (Korea)
3. andinhovsen (Brazil)

FIFA Soccer 2004
1. Volcano (Korea)
2. g3xcarrico (Brazil)
3. aL_smeyer (Germany)

StarCraft: Brood War
1. xellos_kr (Korea)
2. midas[gm] (Korea)
3. [3wD]Christian (Bulgaria)

Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox)
1. KingTuur (Netherlands)
2. Sackl (Austria)
3. Prooff (Netherlands)