Microsoft have sent word that the eagerly awaited Xbox version of Counter-Strike is on track to release in New Zealand in the first week of December. No confirmed word yet on whether or not Xbox Live will be available by then, but the game will have single-player action to keep gamers going in case it doesn't make it in time.

"Counter-Strike, the world's most popular online action game and first-person shooter for the PC, makes its console debut exclusively on Xbox and Xbox Live. Counter-Strike features single-player missions taking place over a gritty realistic counterterrorist world, and allows gamers to challenge other players in team-based multiplayer games on Xbox Live and System Link. Counter-Strike on Xbox will be the most graphically advanced version of the series to date, showcasing the technical prowess of Xbox, including immersive, intense multiplayer action on Xbox Live. In addition, players will benefit by strategizing and communicating with their teammates via the Xbox Live Communicator headset."