Sierra have announced release details for Counterstrike: Condition Zero. All you CS fanatics out there stop shaking ! It's nearly here! :).

BELLEVUE, WA (February 13, 2002) - Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of Vivendi Universal Publishing, and Valve, LLC today announced a Q2 2002 release for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero(tm), an extensive new product that introduces single player and co-op gameplay modes to the number-one online action game in the world.

A new stand-alone product, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS:CZ) extends the award-winning Counter-Strike multiplayer game with new maps, weapons and more, while simultaneously introducing new technologies, an extensive single player campaign, and cooperative play.

"Gamers of all kinds should get very excited about CS:CZ - it's by far the most complete and addictive action experience seen to date," said Adam Fossa, brand manager for Sierra Entertainment. "The robust single player experience will introduce an extremely compelling new style of action gaming. This, combined with the introduction of new cooperative gameplay modes and advanced engine technology, plus new multiplayer weapons, maps and models, make Counter-Strike: Condition Zero an incredible new offering for the most popular online action game of all time."

We'll keep you posted on New Zealand release details, but at this stage it's looking like May.