The latest update for Half-Life, v1.1.0.7, has been released. This patch is in preparation for the v1.1.0.8 update which will include new voice communication and multicast spectator technologies. The only new features in v1.1.0.7 are a new AutoUpdate utility, bundled Deathmatch Classic (DMC) mod, and a few bug fixes.

The new Half-Life AutoUpdate utility is based on the Tribes 2 AutoUpdate utility (remember that both games are published by Sierra). It gets a list of mirror sites from Valve and then downloads and installs the correct patch file for your version of Half-Life. (Gameplanet is a Half-Life AutoUpdate and Tribes 2 AutoUpdate mirror site.)

Although you can download the patch files manually, any users who already have DMC installed should use the AutoUpdater to avoid re-downloading DMC.

There are two versions of the update. One is for owners of Half-Life; the other is for owners of Half-Life: Counter-Strike (the retail product). Please note that the HL: CS update is just the equivalent of the HL update — it does not change Counter-Strike at all, and so there is no new CS mod version for Half-Life users.

To begin the update you need to download the correct version of the AutoUpdate utility for your edition of Half-Life. Then run the utility and it will download and install any necessary patches.

You can find more files (including the patches) in the Half-Life category on Gameplanet Downloads.