An update to the immensely popular counter-terrorism Half-Life modification, Counter-Strike, was released yesterday, followed by an update to Valve Software's Half-Life itself this morning.

Counter-Strike v1.1 is primarily a bugfix release, with the main features being new ultra-detailed, high-resolution player model textures, and several new maps including de_dust2, de_vertigo, de_inferno and cs_thunder.

There are separate downloads for the free Half-Life mod version of CS, and for owners of the standalone Counter-Strike retail product. Both files include the same updates, upgrading CS v1.0 to v1.1. A CS v1.1 full installation is also available for Half-Life owners who do not already have CS v1.0.

The Half-Life v1.1.0.6 update includes all-new player models for Team Fortress 1.5, a new Half-Life Deathmatch map "Rapidcore", and a new standardised log format for HL mods.

Two versions of the HL v1.1.0.6 update are available, a large full install which works with any previous installation of Half-Life, and a smaller upgrade file which requires an existing installation of HL v1.1.0.4.

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