As many of you would have noticed, most of the major outlets dropped their Final Fantasy VII Remake reviews today. The general consensus is very positive, but unfortunately, our review is not quite ready just yet.

In a continuing trend outside of our control, we did not receive review code until this last Saturday morning, at least several days after some other sites.

Our RPG aficionado, Chris Brown is hard at work on getting the review done, but there's a lot of game to get through in Square Enix's remaster. All of the writers here at Gameplanet (myself included) work on a volunteer basis purely for the love of writing about games and of course playing them a bit early when the gods permit.

This means many of us have to juggle massive forty plus hour games with our regular day jobs, and this is a huge challenge when we get code on or just before release day. We, of course, endeavour to get the reviews up as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality and ensuring do right by you, our wonderful readers.

With New Zealand currently in level-4 lockdown, retailers likely won't be able to ship physical copies of Final Fantasy VII to gamers around the country until restrictions are eased. Many like myself, now face the not-so-ideal prospect of purchasing the game digitally. If the size of the game is to be believed, many of us will now be looking at some significant download times.