Now that PlayStation Plus fans have had the chance to enjoy the first three Uncharted titles, Sony has revealed that they'll be able to complete Nathan Drake's journey when Uncharted 4 arrives on the subscription service in April.

Along with Uncharted 4, subscribers will also receive one of the best Rally games in recent years Dirt Rally 2.0. Both titles will remain available to play (provided you add them to your library first), as long as players have an active PS Plus subscription.

It seems Sony announced April's offering a touch early, as the reveal trailer has since been made private. Regardless, each month's PS Plus games typically arrive on the second Tuesday of each month, so fans can expect to explore the beautiful world of Uncharted 4 and tear through the countryside in Dirt rally 2.0 on the 7th of Aril.

Here at Gameplanet, we're obviously huge fans of Uncharted 4 and consider it to be one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. In our review we called it "an incredible rollercoaster ride of a story that is both faithful to the series whilst adding new dimensions to much-loved characters."

Similarly, Rally fans are in for an absolute treat with Dirt Rally 2.0, which we called "a master-class in how to do the rally genre justice" in our review.

Seeing as most of us are going to be stuck at home for the next four weeks minimum, it's great to see next months games offering hours of entertainment to keep us entertained during the lock-down.