While up late last night, I stumbled on a thread that speculates that Sony is in discussion to acquire a few well-known IPs from Konami and I can't stop thinking about it now.

The post in question appeared on 4Chan (so take it with a pound of salt), but if true, would mean that Sony intends on purchasing the rights to three of Konami's biggest franchises; Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

We've already seen recent rumours pointing to a possible Silent Hills project from Kojima Studios, and it's no secret that Konami has struggled in recent years to release any noteworthy entries in any of franchises. While this move could see the Metal Gear series back in the hands of its creator, Hideo Kojima, I do hope(if the rumour turns out to be accurate) that Sony gets one of its other studios to handle a fresh take on the series, perhaps with Kojima in more of an advisory role.

In a recent interview, PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Hermen Hulst stated that the company is "very committed to quality exclusives. And to strong narrative-driven, single-player games." so the acquisition of these three huge series' would be a significant addition to Sony's already impressive exclusives line-up.

It does seem unlikely that Konami would be willing to part ways with what are easily some of its most well-known IPs, but considering the companies output in recent years, a sale could be the smartest option for them. Konami has seen itself become something of a villain in the gaming community and what was once a flourishing studio with a steady release cadence, is now a shadow of its former self.

While it is purely speculation at this point, every fibre of my being is praying that this turns out to be true. Sony Worldwide Studios consist of some incredibly talented studios that would do wonders for these troubled series.

What Sony studios would you most like to see tackle Metal Gear, Silent Hill or Castlevania? Let us know in the comments below!