While many a player has jumped into Dreams with the intent to make something for fun, they could very well be making some coin at the same time in the future.

Developer Media Molecule is launching a Beta Evaluation programme that will offer Dreams creators the option to make money from their work.

"We've had lots of questions from creators about using Dreams for viable business opportunities off PlayStation," said studio director Siobhan Reddy on the developer's blog.

"We welcome and encourage creators to do this, but it's new territory for us. We've been busy behind the scenes mapping out how we can make it easier for creators to do this in the future."

The evaluation is available to those that participated in the Dreams early access and are over the age of 18. For those that are "in good standing" and have both a viable project and the skills to see it through to completion, Media Molecule could grant them permission to use their content in a professional capacity.

Of course, credit will need to be attributed to any project, including a "Made in Dreams" watermark or logo. Sony and Media Molecule will also be able to use the content in their marketing strategy and contact the creator for details regarding their process.

Dreams released in February, and has seen a flurry of content – both original and the remaking iconic titles like Crash Bandicoot, Fallout 4, and Red Dead Redemption.

In Gameplanet's Dreams review, Baz Macdonald called the game "extraordinary" and praised it for opening the art form of game creation to everyone.

Media Molecule has stated that creators own any IP created in Dreams which they can use for any personal projects. It's great to see that for some, this could now springboard into a career.