Call of Duty's newest game mode 'Warzone' is a battle royale and is coming to consoles and PC – and you don't need to own Modern Warfare to play it.

Available from tomorrow, Warzone will be available as a standalone title that will include a two different modes.

First is the 150-player Battle Royale, which sets a team of three against all others in a last-team standing shoot out.

In addition to weapons and gear that can be scavenged across the map, cash can also be collected. Players can then find Buy Stations and purchase gear and weapons, as well as items that can revive players.

Furthermore, those that are knocked out also have a chance to re-enter the fight. Once eliminated, players are transported to The Gulag where they can duke it out against other eliminated players in a 1v1 face off. The winner will find themselves revived and back in the fight for battle royale victory.

The other mode in Warzone is called Plunder and will offer unlimited respawns as players race to collect the most cash. Cash can be found, gained by eliminating opponents, or earned by completing contracts.

Both modes will be set in the expansive zone of Verdansk, and will feature a variety of environments ranging from skyscrapers to rural farmland. Players can get around on a range of vehicles including ATVs, trucks, and helicopters.

Battle Royale and Plunder will both support cross-play across consoles and PC.

For those that own Modern Warfare, all battle pass rewards and purchased items will carry across – however Warzone will be available to those that don't own the game as a free-to-play download.

Modern Warfare players will also get a four hour early access to Warzone at 4am NZST, ahead of the game going live as free-to-play at 8am NZST.