After promising big changes to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft has now confirmed that an overhaul to the game will be coming March 24th.

Called 'The Ghost Experience,' the update will offer three different modes through which to play; Regular, Immersive, and Custom.

While Regular will allow players to jump into the game as it was originally released, Immersive mode will remove gear levels and tiered loot.

Immersive will also offer a number of new tactical options, like looting enemy weapons, adjusting stamina, health regeneration, or whether players discard remaining ammo in a magazine when reloading.

Custom mode will let players adjust HUD settings, choosing whether to display weapon details, objectives, or the mini-map.

For those playing in a squad, their respective game modes will be cross-compatible, but not shared throughout the squad, meaning players can enjoy their preferred mode without being locked off from any of their friends.

All of these changes come at a cost, however. While Ubisoft had previously stated that a second raid would be coming after the release of Project Titan, that will no longer be the case.

"In our original Year 1 plan, we wanted to follow up Project Titan with another raid," the developer wrote on its community blog. "However, we want to make sure we are allocating our resources in the best places to create better experiences for our players.

"With this in mind, we have made the decision to replace the second raid with a future update to the Ghost Experience. Based on all the player feedback we’ve received online and in play testing, our team is confident that deepening the Ghost Experience is the right direction for the game."

Breakpoint had a rough start, with Gameplanet's Billy Atman scoring the game at just 6.5. While the game was "serviceable," it didn't try anything new, and had numerous performance issues.

Here's hoping the Ghost Experience can elevate the the game for players.