Sucker Punch's samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima now has a release date – coming to PlayStation 4 on June 26.

The developer announced the news via The PlayStation Blog, while also dropping a stunning new narrative trailer.

Set on the remote island of Tsushima, the story follows a young samurai called Jin Sakai. When an invading Mongol army invades, Sakai begins to adopt new tactics in order to become The Ghost and driving the Mongols from his home. However, in doing so he abandons his uncle's teachings of what it is to be a samurai.

The release date will see Ghost of Tsushima drop just a month after the highly anticipated Last of Us: Part II from Worldwide Studio sibling, Naughty Dog.

That Sony would release two of its games so closely together might indicate the company is looking to clear the runway for its upcoming console, set to launch this Christmas season.