UK developer Criterion is back behind the wheel as the studio in charge of the Need for Speed series.

"With a strong history and passion for racing games and vision for what we can create, the Criterion team is going to take Need for Speed into the next-generation," said EA in a statement.

Known previously for its work on the Burnout series, Criterion previously developed 2010's Hot Pursuit and 2012's Most Wanted in the Need for Speed franchise.

In 2013 the studio was hit with downsizing, and has since worked in a supporting capacity to other EA studios, working on Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel, as well as Battlefield V.

Current NFS studio Ghost Games has handled the last four entries in the series, from 2013's Rivals to 2019's Need for Speed: Heat.

The developer, located in Gothenburg, will transition into an engineering hub for EA and will be rebranded under the appropriate moniker... EA Gothenburg.

While EA is looking to keep much of the engineering expertise at the Gothenburg studio, the publisher is looking to transition those working in the developer's creative team to positions at Criterion and other studios throughout its larger portfolio.

As reports however, 30 roles are at risk.

"Ghost Games have helped to bring some great Need for Speed experiences to our players," said EA. "Consistently delivering that at AAA levels means we need teams with diverse skills in locations where we can continually support them and bring in new team members to join.

"Despite our best efforts to establish an independent development group in Gothenburg over several years, it's become clear that the breadth of talent we need to maintain a full AAA studio is just not available to us there.

"Criterion can also provide the consistent leadership that we need to continue creating and delivering new Need for Speed experiences for a long time to come."