The Division 2 saw an incredibly strong launch last year and looks set to start year two with a bang. Following months of fighting through the streets of Washington DC, players are set to return to familiar stomping grounds.

Releasing on March 3, the upcoming expansion, titled Warlords of New York will see players continuing from where they left off in the first game. Along with a welcome trip back to New York, the upcoming expansion will also make several significant changes to the game's existing systems.

Massive is changing the player level cap from 30 to 40 and is also implementing an "infinite leveling system" which will allow players to spend SHD tech on minor stat buffs, similar to what we've already seen in games like Borderlands 3 and Diablo III. This should open up even greater diversity between player builds and more fine-tuned control over subtle improvements to stats. Loot and the UI are also seeing significant changes with streamlining to the player interface, ensuring much easier to decide on builds and abilities at a glance.

While we'll be making our way back to New York, new areas and a change in season will sadly not see the return of the familiar snow covered landscape. Warlords picks up eight months after the initial outbreak and sees the city ravaged by a hurricane. Disavowed agent Aaron Keener is back once again as players are tasked with hunting his rogue unit down and taking over their Lower Manhattan stronghold.

Warlords of New York will require players to be at level 30 and world tier 5 to access the expansion, but those who purchase the base game and expansion going forward will be able to start the game at level 30 and jump straight into the new content. Check out the gameplay below for a better look at the expansion.

While the expansion is set to make huge changes on March 3, Episode 3 – Coney Island: The Hunt, the final content drop for year one is set to drop tomorrow for pass holders, with other players gaining access on February 19th. Episode 3 will act as a prologue for Warlords of New York.