The long-promised Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 has a new release date of April 7, which coincides with the game's release on Steam.

The free update is set to breathe life back into the world of 76 by introducing NPCs – a staple feature of all other Fallout titles.

"Fully voiced NPCs bring new life to Appalachia as players embark on a new main quest, forge alliances and manage their reputation with competing factions, and uncover the truth of what’s hidden in the mountains," said Bethesda.

Wastelanders will also revamp the main quest line, while adding a new main quest. It's likely that both will include NPC interaction through the traditional dialogue trees and reputation systems that are also part of the update.

First announced at E3 2019, the update was slated for a release late last year before being delayed in favour of the controversial Fallout 1st service.