Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have shared more information about the upcoming Pokemon Home service, including pricing and release date.

Launching in February, the app is set to carry on from the DS era Pokemon Bank platform, offering cloud storage for one's pocket monsters from Pokemon titles Let's Go Eevee & Pikachu, Sword & Shield, with support for Pokemon Go coming after launch.

Access to Home's features will depend on one's plan, with both Basic and Premium options available – the latter costing USD $15 per year.

While the Basic tier is free, it comes with notable restrictions. Moving Pokemon from the Pokemon Bank is only available to Premium users, and a Basic user's storage capacity is limited to just 30 Pokemon... compared to the Premium user's 6,000.

Use of both the Wonder Box – a trading system players can utilise while not logged in – and the Global Trade System are also limited for those on the Basic Plan.

A new feature called Room Trade allows Premium users to host a shared space for up to 20 players, who could then trade freely amongst themselves.

Long story short – to get more than cursory access to Home's features, players need to shell out $15 a year.

Nintendo detail Pokemon Home pricing plans and release