The co-creator of Halo, Marcus Lehto has a new first-person shooter, titled Disintegration set to arrive some time this year. As is customary for multiplayer shooters, the game will receive a closed Beta towards the end of this month.

Developer V1 Interactive announced that the closed Beta for Disintegration will commence on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 28 from 8 am PT to 11:59 pm PT and Wednesday, January 29 from 8 am PT to 11:59 pm PT.

We won't have to wait long for the public Beta, which will begin on January 31 and end on February 1. During this time players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have access to two of the multiplayer modes coming to the game at launch.

The available game modes are Retrieval, which will see one team tasked with delivering a payload to the enemies base, while the opposing team will have to try and stop them. The second mode in the Beta is Control. In this mode both teams must battle to take over the battlefield by capturing certain points on the map.

While the Beta will focus on Multiplayer, the game is set to include a single-player story on launch, which sees humanity ravaged by a deadly virus that forces them to transfer their consciousness into robot avatars.

The game is a mix of first-person and real-time strategy gameplay where players pilot a gravity bike, allowing them to move freely around the battlefield and rain down death from above, while also commanding troops on the ground to aid them in the fight.