Following rumours and the 2019 release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes has reported that Nintendo plans to commence production of an all-new Switch model in the first quarter of this year, with a "mid-2020" release.

The report states that Nintendo plans to implement an alloy body as opposed to the plastic body of the Switch and Switch Lite. The new model is also said to feature an upgraded CPU, providing the handheld with more power than that of the previous two consoles.

Nintendo is notorious for releasing multiple versions of their handheld consoles, and rumours of Switch Pro have been circulating for the better part of a year, so it's probably safe to assume this news is accurate.

If you already own a Nintendo Switch or the Switch lite, would you be interested in upgrading to a more powerful version? What features would you most like to see in a Switch Pro? Let us know in the comments below!