Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella is taking the reins of DICE LA, and will oversee development of an original and currently-unannounced title.

The studio has spent the last six years acting as support for DICE's main office in Stockholm, known for its Battlefield titles.

Now, the developer is undergoing a rebrand to help it stand on its own, likely meaning a new name is in the works

"We want to give it a new image," Zampella noted in an interview with the LA Times. "We want people to say, ‘This is a destination you can go and make new content.’"

"I think they’ve kind of gotten the branding that they are the support studio for DICE Stockholm. I think rebranding is important for showing people, ‘Hey! Come work here. We’re going to do some amazing things."

EA chief studios officer Laura Miele is overseeing the transition. "I think we're going to have a really strong studio out of our Los Angeles location," said Miele. "They can go from a support team to a full stand-alone studio to create a new game offering."

Zampella won't be cutting ties with Respawn completely, taking on more of a "head coach" role. Meanwhile Stig Asmussen will continue directing narrative-driven content like Jedi: Fallen Order, and Chad Grenier will oversee the ongoing work for Apex Legends.