The next season for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases next week, and we're now getting details of what Season of Dawn will entail.

Kicking off from December 10, the new season will be a direct result of the events from Season of the Undying, where the ultimate destruction of the Undying Mind has resulted in ripples through time.

Yesterday's trailer gives a number of insights into what's in store for guardians in the coming months – the story will be set on Mercury, Osiris is back for some timey-wimey adventures, and the Cabal's Red Legion are trying to undo the events of the Red War in order to claim a victory over the universe.

Thanks to a split in time, players are heading back in time to resurrect a lost guardian – Saint-14. The famous character has featured heavily in the game's lore all the way back to vanilla Destiny, but this will be the first time the titan appears in game.

A new trailer isn't the only source of info however, as Bungie recently livestreamed further details about what Season of Dawn has in store.

In addition to new characters, the new season will introduce new exotic weapons, seasonal rank rewards, and a new game mode called The Sundial.

There's a new seasonal artifact as well, with The Lantern of Osiris replacing The Gate Lord's Eye. It'll offer new mods for weapons and armour, and will also reset player's power boost – making for an all new grind... yay.

Steely-eyed fans will also spot a much-requested feature has made its way to the game; sparrows on Mercury... a feature that only took two years to implement.

For those that prefer the PvP side of things, there's a new crucible map, with Destiny 1's Rusted Lands making its long-overdue return to the game. The PvP mode Elimination is also getting a permanent spot on the game director.

As with the previous season, not all content will be available to those that are playing the free version of Destiny 2.

In order to access The Sundial, exotic weapon quests, or the premium tier of season rank rewards, players will need to own the Season Pass.

While the previous Season of the Undying was included for those that purchased Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the upcoming Season of Dawn marks the first release where purchase will be necessary.

Since its departure from Activision, Bungie has been delivering on its vision for Destiny, with its latest expansion receiving high praise in our Shadowkeep review.

Bungie details Destiny 2's Season of Dawn