While the games industry as a whole might be plagued with stories of gruelling crunch and turbulent employment contracts, Kiwi developer Rocketwerkz is taking a different approach.

The studio offers many of its staff unlimited annual leave and paid sick days.

Rocketwerkz CEO Dean Hall discussed the strategy in a recent interview with Stuff.co.nz

"You can have 30 people working on $20 million or $30m project so you're putting a lot of trust in them already," said Hall. "If you are trusting them with big projects and large amounts of money, why can't you trust them to manage their time as well? That's the point we started with."

These benefits however, aren't available to everyone on their first day at work. Entry level positions will still adhere to traditional work hours and leave rules, while middle tier staff are afforded unlimited sick leave.

Senior staff have access to both unlimited sick days and annual leave.

Rocketwerkz opened its Dunedin offices in 2015 and now boasts a staff of more than fifty developers. In September of this year the developer opened a second location in Auckland, and is in the process of staffing up for a planned sixty-person team.