Battleborn's publisher 2K Games has announced that the game's servers will be shut down in January, 2021.

The title has already been pulled from digital store fronts as the first step in "gradually sunsetting the game to focus our efforts and resources on other projects."

In-game currency known as Platinum will not be available for purchase from February 24, 2020. After that date players can still earn Platinum through in-game activities and spend their existing balance, there just won't be an ability to purchase it directly.

Once servers are taken down in 2021, Battleborn will no longer be playable.

Developer Gearbox launched the hero shooter in 2016, just weeks before the release of Blizzard's Overwatch.

Given the latter just announced a sequel while the former is now closing down – it's pretty clear which title came out on top.

A move to free-to-play wasn't enough to save the title, which saw its last update two years ago.

At the time creative director Randy Varnell noted that servers would remain up for the "foreseeable future." That future seems to have come to an end.