Veteran Uncharted writer and director, Amy Hennig has announced that she is establishing a brand new interactive division at Skydance Media.

Hennig, who has experienced more than her fair share of company exits in recent years, will spear-head this new division with executive producer Julian Beak, stating that the pair are "thrilled to be part of the Skydance creative team and excited to partner with Skydance to explore this new frontier in entertainment while pioneering new ways to tell immersive stories through technology,”

“The interactive media landscape is continually changing and Amy and Julian are creative and visionary leaders of this evolution,” said Skydance Media CEO David Ellison in a statement. “Together, we will create within this new sphere the same type of event-level entertainment experiences that Skydance is known for in features and television.”

Here's hoping this move gives Hennig the chance to finally settle down for a while and work on a game that doesn't get cancelled...