When it comes to game criticism, the most important thing is being able to spend time playing the game you're reviewing. Which is why there is no Red Dead Redemption 2 review on Gameplanet for you at this time.

My experience with the PC port of Rockstar Games' western epic has been fraught with a litany of recurring stability and performance issues. At this point despite updates to the game, and even upgrading my PC to an 8 Core i7 I am literally unable to play the game. This is despite spending a fair amount of time in the game every day since release. Currently, I am still stuck in the first location, unable to proceed.

The first major hurdle I have had to contend with is that the game would freeze for 2-6 seconds at random intervals, but I was never able to get more than 3 minutes of play before the game locked up. Most often though was that I would experience this issue at least twice a minute. This was reduced with the CPU upgrade, but not eliminated. I am now dealing with crashes happening regularly every five to thirty minutes, which is unpleasant and reason enough alone to not play the game (in its current state), but has the additional frustration of sending me back to a previous checkpoint due to how game saves are handled in the opening section of the game.

I cannot review the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 because I cannot currently play it.

That does raise an important point that needs to be addressed. The game is out and in players hands, and I have had access to the game that was supplied to me by Rockstar for review purposes for almost a week. This would usually mean that a review based on my experiences would be due about now, which by our own policy would necessitate me giving Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplanet's sole 0/10 – Unplayable review score.

I am not comfortable with this, as I thoroughly enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, and consider it one of the best games I have played. For that reason, there is no way I can award the game, even as broken as it is a '0'. A '0' does not represent the quality of the game, and would likely lead to accusations of us fishing for controversy driven traffic to the site. In addition to this, due to the complexities of how review aggregator sites operate the chances of updating the score at a later date is unlikely, meaning we would likely have a score listed in perpetuity that does not reflect my opinion of the game. That is even assuming we would change a previously posted review score, something that is also inherently problematic and not something we've done previously. Review scores themselves are problematic at the best of times, and in unique cases like this, they highlight the flaws in attributing a relative but absolute numerical value against the perceived quality of a game.

To be clear, this is a decision I have made without prompting by or consultation with Rockstar. I have notified them of this decision, and they are working to resolve the catastrophic technical issues that I and some others are experiencing. That being said, a solution needs to be found sooner rather than later, and if I am still having these issues over this coming weekend, I will reassess my stance regarding an official review and review score. I always play a game for as long as I need to in order to give it an accurate review, and in the past I have taken additional time in order to complete a review (see my Disco Elysium review for the most recent example). So the additional time I am allowing here is not unique, even if the reason for why is.

As it stands, I not only cannot recommend Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC to anyone, I recommend that anyone who is thinking of purchasing the game to delay until these issues are addressed and resolved by Rockstar. The game is amazing, but only if it works and no one should spend money on a product that does not work.

I know that any decision made here is likely to be controversial, but this is the one that I feel most comfortable with, or at least the least uncomfortable with. I think this decision best represents the values of Gameplanet as well as my own in being open, honest, and fair.

If you have any questions or feedback, I will be keeping an eye on the comments section and will address them as best I can when I am able to.

Chris Brown

A note from the Editor: Rockstar has been very supportive during this time, and both the studio marketing team and Chris have been hard at work on finding a solution, so hopefully, we can post a review soon. We're not in the habit of doing things this way, but feel that doing any less would be doing our readers a significant disservice. Chris absolutely loved the game on console, and we're hopeful that these issues can be ironed out, so he can experience the game the way it was intended.