Diablo IV has finally been announced by Blizzard, after months of leaks and speculation.

Announced during BlizzCon 2019, fans were treated to a particularly ruthless cinematic that culminated in the return of a familiar foe.

It would appear the game is drawing a number of inspirations from Diablo II, with its returning villain, Lilith, as well as a notable return to its black, brown, and red colour palette.

Game director Luis Barriga noted that the first three classes will be barbarian, sorceress, and druid, with gameplay available on the show floor that showcased the druid's shapeshifting abilities.

Blizzard has discussed the game's world being much larger, so much so that mounts are needed for faster travel between waypoints. These mounts can be customised in both appearance and dismount abilities for each class.

Diablo IV will require a permanent internet connection, however multiplayer is completely optional. "We are not going to support an offline mode," said lead designer Angela Del Priore during a Q&A. "But as I said before, nothing in Diablo 4 is going to require partying up. You can play solo and dungeons are private."

The news won't come as a surprise to veterans of the series, since the same requirement existed for Diablo 3.

Barriga confirmed that the game would be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but it's unclear whether that means we'll see the game before Christmas next year, or updated versions for the upcoming generation of consoles.