If the month-long wait before the release of MediEvil Remastered has you feeling impatient, Sony has some good news.

Fans can play as the brave Sir Daniel Fortesque from today in a demo available on the PlayStation Store.

For those that play the demo, they'll have the opportunity to find and unlock Dan's Helmet as an in-game item for the full release version. This item was originally only available in the Japanese version of the PSOne original.

The remastered edition has been "remade from the grave up" (pause for laughter) and will feature native 4K graphics for those playing on the PS4 Pro.

MediEvil tells the story of a brave resurrected knight that sets out to defeat the evil sorcerer Zarok and battle his army of demons.

The demo disappears from the store on October 6th, so be sure to get in before then. Meanwhile, MediEvil Remastered releases October 25th for PlayStation 4.