Destiny 2: Forsaken just got a whole lot more content for those that only purchased the core expansion.

Developer Bungie has just made all content from its Annual Pass available to anyone that owns Forsaken – no additional purchases required.

The Annual Pass gave access to three seasons worth of content throughout the last year of Forsaken, but came at an additional cost of NZD$80 at launch. In recent months the pass has been sold as part of the expansion as an overall bundle.

It kicked off with Season of the Forge back in November, offering exclusive weapons that could be created by running a new horde-mode in one of four Black Armory sites throughout the game. April heralded in the Season of the Drifter, which introduced new game modes within Gambit – a player vs player vs environment match.

Finally, Season of Opulence began in June, bringing with it a new raid and Menagerie event.

For those without the Annual Pass, each season offered just a fraction of content, with overall power level increases, an exotic quest, and ongoing events like Iron Banner.

It's a lot to get through in just the one week before the next expansion, but lines the Forsaken expansion up nicely for the future, when the game goes free to play as Destiny: New Light. Under the new moniker, expansions will be purchasable à la carte.

The Annual Pass model returns with the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion, starting with the Season of the Undying – although whether this content will eventually become free is a mystery, as Bungie has indicated that content will be removed at the conclusion of the season.

Last week the developer sat down to talk about its five year plan for New Light, which makes it sound less likely we'll ever see a Destiny 3.