Next year's E3 could be a very different event if a leaked proposal is adopted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

As reported by GameDaily, the gaming expo could be shifting to a "fan, media and influencer festival" for 2020.

The changes come as part of feedback from industry publishers that want to lean harder into influencers and paid celebrity deals, and would work with talent agencies such as United Talent (UTA) and Creative Artists (CAA).

The event would feature a number of "experiences," with an example painting the picture of the LA Lakers playing a basketball video game against fans or actors.

E3 2020 could be a festival for media & influencers

The proposal also discussed an app for booking session times with exhibitors, similar to the FastPass system used at Disney's amusement parks. The ESA also has plans for "queuetainment" that will use data gathered by the app to market directly to those waiting in queues.

E3 2019 boasted just 66,000 attendees. While this may still be a staggering number of people, it pales in comparison to the rest of the industry's events, with Gamescom 2019 pulling in 373,000 attendees, and this year's Tokyo Game Show seeing 262,000 heads through the door.

Whether these changes will be enough to turn the expo around is yet to be seen – if the proposal is confirmed at all. Already a number of publishers are choosing their own methods of connecting with fans during the expo, with EA opting to run EA Play during the week of E3, while Sony skipped this year's expo altogether.