Square Enix has tweaked a few mechanics while remaking Final Fantasy VII, but that doesn't mean fans of the original can't still enjoy that classic experience.

The developer has noted that a 'classic mode' will be available in the remake that will make combat the same as the original title.

Previous gameplay shown at the Square Enix E3 2019 Showcase revealed that players could fill their ATB bars by attacking enemies like many modern action titles.

Those playing in Classic Mode would have that aspect of combat handled for them automatically, as it was in the original Final Fantasy VII.

The Classic Mode reveal was part of Square Enix's play through at Tokyo Game Show, and was just one of many new details shared by the developer.

The presentation also featured Aerith's ranged abilities, a new Squats mini-game, and a boss fight against Aps in the sewers of Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release March 3 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4.