System Shock 3 developer, OtherSide has released some new pre-alpha gameplay of the upcoming title.

The footage features some taunting dialogue from the rogue AI system known as SHODAN, as well as some of her nightmarish creations.

Throughout the game, players will be able to explore the ship however they want, while specialising in stealth, hacking, melee and other abilities.

The team is being lead by Warren Spector, who was involved with the original System Shock. Initially the project was a collaboration with Starbreeze Studios, but the studio's closure has left the bulk of work on OtherSide's shoulders – resulting in a development process that has spanned more than four years.

At present there's no confirmed release date, although OtherSide is aiming to launch on PC next year.

This timing could work out nicely, as Nightdive Studios is busy working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition,