With this year's Tokyo Game Show scheduled to run from the 12-15 of September, Square Enix has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, titled Re Mind.

[i[Re Mind is a free update (free DLC? isn't that a swear word for investors?) and will see Sora and friends travelling to a familiar realm as they face off against the mysterious Organisation XIII. Square has stated that the DLC will include a new battle form, new bosses and enemies and more Keyblades. Additionally, you'll also be able to switch to series regulars Aqua, Riku and Roxas during some of the new battles.

Check out the trailer below for a better look at the Re Mind content!

I was lucky enough to review Kingdom Hearts 3 back in March and said it was "a love letter to fans and the perfect end to a saga seventeen years in the making. Backed by a strong cast of characters and a near-perfect combat system, Sora and friends' final journey is sure to please both new and old fans alike."

No firm release date was provided, but Re Mind is the first set of DLC for the title and will be a free update, set to arrive later this year on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.